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After 7+ years of working with Magento we know a thing or two about it. It doesn't hurt to ask!


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Let us do your day-to-day Magento tasks so your store and business can grow and develop together.


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About Us

Have you ever meet a computer geek? You know, that guy who is a bit messy, wears big round glasses and survives on coke and fast food? Well, that's not us. We are quite regular looking people living normal lives. Mostly.

As strange as it may sound - we love Magento, from the deepest bottoms of our hearts. For us Magento is the same as kids. It can make you go really crazy and lose all your hair figuring what the bleep is wrong. Again and again. But at the end of the day it is what makes us happy, and satisfies the little geek inside of us.

We would be happy to lose a hair or two over your store too. So don't hesitate to contact us!

Get your Magento tasks done now! Only 60EUR per hour.

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